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The Problem


 After reviewing mitigation files for five years through Wardlaw’s SecondLook, and making waves in the industry reducing and negotiating mitigation invoices, it became obvious that the current program vendor system was broken. We found that program vendors were virtually no different than non-program contractors in many ways. 


  • Total indemnity had very few differences
  • In some cases, the non-program vendor was more cost-effective than the program-vendor. 
  • We found  program vendors were not held to the current IICRC or industry-wide standards. 
  • Program vendors'  internal audits lacked true professionals understanding the IICRC Standards or knowledge and awareness of cost-effective procedures. 
  • Most program vendors are left to determine the best plan of action with no accountability on the carrier side. Or, when a program vendor does seek approval from the carrier, more often than not, he or she speaks to someone with little to no experience or knowledge in mitigation, and receives bad directives - adding cost to the claim. 
  • Due to lack of  communication, there are missed opportunities in subrogation and/or in catching excluded losses before they get out of hand. 
  • Automated  metrics and drying records result in little to no accountability. Without accountability to real-time information, vendors can and do often manipulate the drying record to pass automated audits and arrive at the desired scope. This system is a good tool but has been greatly abused. Passing of a fictitious audit means nobody questions the invoice! 

The Answer


 Paragon connects vetted, qualified and reputable contractors and service providers to insurance carriers and their policyholders. Our managed mitigation services are proven to control cost, accuracy of scope and estimates with increased customer service and satisfaction. Paragon’s in-house team of experts and network of contractors, ensure a better experience for all parties involved. 

  • After 5 years with SecondLook, Wardlaw’s  national audit program, and more than 30 years combined experienced in restoration and property insurance industries, we know who the strong, skilled and fair contractors are, and we have built our contractor base off of the best in the industry, regardless of affiliation. 
  • Our service offers real-time accountability to our Mitigation Specialist, who is well-trained on the latest industry standards and claims best practices. The MS will establish a dry plan with the vendor when the vendor responds to the loss.  
  • The vendor will submit daily drying records for evaluation. The records will be submitted daily, and GPS verified to support the location and the time of the data taken to validate the authenticity of the records.  
  • Through the use of current technologies, live video of the loss will be captured through XactAnalysis between the vendor on site and the Mitigation Specialist determining the dry plan.  
  • Agreed  scope of loss with a preliminary estimate within 24hrs of commencement of services.  
  • Estimating service can be provided to vendors that may lack personnel or front office support.  
  • The carrier will have one point of contact – the Mitigation Specialist assigned to the loss.  
  • We remove the guesswork for the vendor!  
  • No collections for the vendor!


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